Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why is Britney Spears Still Famous?

Today, I dont have anything to do,then I decided to surf on net.I started searching the most searched keywords on search engines,and I m surprised to see the results.I found paris hilton and britney's name in the list,befiore searching I guess it would be porn and something related to this.I m happy because I dint found this in top 10 ketwords.

Anyways after I found britney's name in the list of top searched keywords, I started searching on her.First question that comes to my mind is the post title,"Why is Britney Spears Still Famous?".Is people really thinks that she's still so famous.Answers is yes.because if she's not famous people would not be concerned about her.

Why is she famous? Our media is obsessed with a singer who hasn't actually sung anything in years. Her "greatest hits" album was out in 2004, her last album of original material was out in 2003. Is she actually working on new material? When was her last tour? The last great performance I remember her giving was kissing Madonna on MTV.

We're obsessed with Britney's marriage, with whether or not she's a good mother, and the attention grabbing things she does. She wants to be left alone, but no, she's posing nude (while pregnant) for this magazine or that, she's talking to Matt Lauer, we're supposed to feel bad for her - no! - we're supposed to hate her. Aren't we?

She is a fine example of a trend. Why do we care about "celebrities" who don't actually have a function, or who have lost their place in the spotlight?

Why did Britney's reality TV show flop when so many others just like it succeeded? The Newlyweds worked until that couple decided that they were happier divorced. Hulk Hogan has a show that exists pretty much solely to promote his daughter's fledgling musical career. Even Paris Hilton cashed in on being ignorant while America watched before she decided she wanted to be a singer.

even when you look the picture available here,it give you a isea why she's so famous...!!!

so have a look....