Saturday, May 3, 2008

Virtual Tech Days

Since Microsoft launches three products and to promot them,microsotft organise this contest called "Virtual Tech Days" on 9th and 10th of april.In the contest you just have to listen either of the 16 seminars(4 parallel) a day and answer questions based on the seminars.
Total of 32 seminars were organised and after every seminar 5 questions were asked based on them.You just have to answer them within 10 minutes to be eligible.I also participated in 3 seminars unfortunately becuase of the basic knowldge of these three newly launched technology I m not able to win some exciting gifts from microsoft,but they praised me by sending a certificate of participation.Alaso this contest is open for all and the results are anounced on the very same day,when I m going through those names,I just found few of the student names,all I found were professionals.So I feel,if microsoft organise this contest again for students only it will be fun and a nice way of knowledge gaining.
I recently joned student rockstar also and love to enjoy coding and whitepapers in the contest

certificate of Virtual Tech Days..................