Saturday, May 31, 2008

About fast entrecard Dropping

Its not fair to use any fast dropping technique this is not going to help in either way.
I was reading in entrecard c'nity forum from last 2 days,the senior and experinced members dont agree with all this.
they used to drop on thier favorites and get good number of drops back.
So as I started doing this and certainly this helpd me a lot.
the ratio of drops increased a bit but still I find some of my bookmarked friends dont drop back.So soon I am going to update the list and publish it.
So I humbly requet you all entrecard users please stop all fast dropping technique(the illegal ones) and try to coprate and make this dropping ratio to 1:1.


'nna de gracia said...

thanks for passing by :)
have a nice weekend!

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