Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green index puts India, Brazil on top

Recently I was reading a article on green index,a survey by National Geographic Channel.

After reading that I feal a bit relaxed,since I'm a part of the nation hold the top position in green index.

According to the survey,Indians and Brazilians are the most environment friendly people while Americans are the most polluting, a survey by National Geographic magazine and pollsters Globalscan on consumer behaviour has revealed.

The survey of a thousand people each from 14 high-polluting nations listed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has India and Brazil tied for the top spot with 60 green index points. Americans had the lowest score with 44.9 points.

The survey rates Indian eating habits the best, with 84 per cent eating local vegetables at least once a week.Indians don’t waste much and are very good at recycling. The Indian green index is high on account of low per capita energy consumption — at 0.7 kilowatt — and large-scale recycling. India and China are the best users of solar energy.

Since Indians still belive that being a vegeterian you will live more and may be a myth but its working in favour of us.Being an Indian I m proud of this. More than 40% people are concerned about the environmental problems believe these problems can have adverse impact on their health.And why not India is a nation where trees are also treated as God and worshiped.

I dont know much about Brazilians but they are also tied with Indians.this means they are also environmental freindly.

This is also found in the survey that people in developed countries tend to live in big homes, often with environmentally costly air-conditioning, own more cars, drive alone more often and use public transport only infrequently. They are least likely to buy environmentally friendly products.

Inhabitants of developing countries, by contrast, were more likely to live in smaller homes, use green products and own relatively few appliances or electronic gadgets. They also were more likely to walk, cycle, use public transportation and live close to their most frequent destinations.

So its a plus point for both Indians and Brazalians and the US citizens need to think about this.


Sayantan said...

where can i find the report?