Saturday, May 31, 2008

Diesel prices

I hardly used to read newpaper,so I am not aware of the present hikes in the petrol n diesel prices.I cam to know about this last evening when I reached the petrol pump to fill the tank of my bike.And seeing the results I am shocked,the prices of petrol were increased upto rs 6-7 per litre.

What this nonsense,every time government increase the prices of petrol n diesel and gave a simple explanation for this that prices in world market increased so its hard for the oil companies to sell these on the same rates.

Since the oil prices are increasing in the world market,everyone is aware of this,but I guess in India its increasing to fast.When one compare the oil pices of neighbouring countries one get to know about this.Since Pakistan is also importing oil and oil prices are bit low in pakistan as compared to India.

Leave it,and say its need of the time,ok.But what the government is doing for all this since oil prices are going high and high,and they all are very well aware of this.In India party in rule have to implement these and others start protesting against them,what if they are in command.
Is they going to bring out the good results for the people.

It is a serious issue and govenment as well as people have to think about this to overcome the rising prices of oil in the world market.If this keeps on going like this one day no one is in the situation to buy lifeline for their vehicles,so people take it seriously!!!!


scrappy Doo said...

yeh one need to take this srsly...!!!