Wednesday, May 14, 2008

About Entrecard

I recently joined entrecard to boost up my blog's traffic

but still I'm not so familiar with entrecard.But one thing is clear my blog visitors increases to some extent.I'm new to blogging and want to get some more traffic.

So here are some of my doubts regarding entrecard,if anyone can help me out please come forward, I need your help.Please people.......!!!!!

I daily used to drop 300 cards.but in return I only get around 100 or 120 at max in return.So I strted reading about entrecard and get to know that by advertising I can increase,so I started advertising my blog on others through EC's,and also get benefits.But still I want to increase this.

I get to know about powerdropping and other sites to drop 300 cards at a faster rate.And that helps me a lot in earning EC's.Thanks to powerdropping

Now when I navigate to the statistics tab,I found some more problems.

Can anyone tell me what this four charts represents.I get to know about first and the fourth one.But what the second and the third graph represents.

I am also confused about this section."Best value by widget".They say "This table lists the sites who provided the best value over the last 30 days via adverts you ran on their widget. Low numbers are good, suggesting that you received many visitors interested in your card for the number of credits spent.
The same caveat as above applies regarding the fact that clicks can be faked. "But I m not getting this anyhow,if someone can light on this,please come forward.

I also found people write a lot about entrecard.Does this really get some traffic to their blogs.

Also some people used to sell their EC's,Is their who is interested in buying these credits.

So people who are expert of entrecard I am wating for your comments.Also tell me if their is any hidden secret of entrecard.


Margaret said...

The graphs are actually pretty simple to decipher.

The first graph on the page represents cards that were dropped on your card every day. As you've noted, that varies from day to day by a significant amount sometimes.

The second graph on the page shows how many clicks your ad widgets received (these would be ads you purchased on other blogs). This number is going to vary based on the number of ads you have placed on any given day and the amount of traffic those sites receive. Turnip has a really good article about purchasing ads and his theories are very useful and have helped me greatly with my ad campaign.

The fourth graph is called "organic clicks" -- these are clicks from your ad on Entrecard say from someone's inbox or from the categories or browse pane.

The fifth graph is of course the number of drops you did.

The charts show your best performing ads in terms of number of clicks and then credits per click (you bought an ad for 64 ec and got 128 clicks, so your price per click was .5 ec). This can be "gamed" in that the site owner can click your ad or other methods can be used to generate what amounts to click fraud, so you always want to take extremely well performing ads with a grain of salt.

I hope this helps you understand the system a bit better!


Devil's View.... said...

Thanks a lot.
I must read turnip's article for this
anyways the info provided by you really going to help me....



Lady Rose said...

There are no "secrets" to entrecard. If you get 100 or more return clicks that is great. The best way to get return clicks is to return clicks on a regular basis to those who drop on you.

Have good content that is regularly updated, so folks want to return to your blog and see what you have to say - while there they will probably drop.

Greet some new folks in the forums, and drop on them and make them feel welcome. They may not regularly drop on you but probably will drop back the first day or two, and some may become regular droppers.

I don't know who buys entrecard credits - but someone does. My guess is the bigger professional blogs (that earn cash) buy some credits so they can advertise because they don't spend their time dropping in order to earn their own credits. I've seen folks selling credits from their blogs and from Ebay - but no idea if sales are being made. For me the price for a 1000 ecredits is way to low to waste my time earning them just to sell them.

I take a lot of time to go through my inbox and drop so it would not be profitable to me to sell them. If however someone wants to just power drop (get fast drops but not many return drops) and earn a few credits to sell that is another option.

When placing ads - the best is a blog that has their widget above the fold so you ad is actually being seen. Place ads on blogs that are relevant to your blog or a blog that appeals to folks interested in similar topics.

Of course any popular blog with lots of folks visiting and dropping, when the cost is affordable is worth an ad once in awhile.

Hope that helps.

Lady Rose said...

Here is a link to a very helpful post, it's an Entrecard Guid

Also you can check out the blog

It's one of the best for Entrecard info.

Also there are forums on Entrecard that you can stop by and ask questions if you can't find what you need at the above sources.

Happy dropping!