Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fast entrecard dropping....!!!!

hmmmm......Its an interesting topic.

many blogs on entrecard have some article related to this.
Some of them really helped to drop 300 cards in very less time.

e.g. Powerdropping

A nice site and well maintained one,but some of the sites there are taking too much time or repeated many times.So it is another problem.
Seeing all this I also decided to create a post on this
soon I'll be here with my fast EC drop list.!!!!

So be in touch,and also hopes that you will be able to drop 300 cards in short time as of other fast dropping techniques.

If anyone want to enroll his/her blog into the list comment.
One more thing I m not going to enroll his/her blog into the list.I am just going to use the EC widget of your blog for fast dropping.

So what are you waiting for....!!!!


Nessa said...

Ya know up til last week i dropped from a list, but then i realized I was missing out on some great new blogs and some of my regular drops haven't posted anything in forever.

So i started this: I go to my list of faves, there are about 20. I drop on them and click on their advertising widget and drop there as well. The I go to Page 5 of my drops inbox and go through that same process. I think that way I not only make the drop, but i help both the advertiser and the widget owner too. It takes me the same amount of time and I find some interesting info.
Good Luck with your list though. However you decide to do it

haziri said...

Hi, i want to be on the list.

Lady Rose said...

I have a short list of favorites I drop on who regularly drop back, and I use my inbox to dropback a lot, and also save a few drops for the new blogs to say hi and welcome them and also discover interesting blogs I might not have otherwise found.

Both my blogs have the widget above the fold (easy to find) and I drop

Here are links to my 2 blogs for submission to your list:

melai said...

Can you count me in please? thanks :)


Michael said...

Sounds cool, I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I usually drop on my favorites..use them as a base then click from there..I am not a power dropper..I just like to visit blogs that grab my interest..then add them to my faves

Sandy M said...

I'd like to be on the list also.

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hi there =)

pls include me! thanks =)

Cathy said...

Please count me in too. I'm new to dropping, but I've found some wonderful blogs out there that I'm learning from. I click on the drop button then go to the blog that I just dropped on.

My blog is

Melanie said...

I'd love to be on your list:


WhoIsMarc? said...

count me please on your list :)


Devil's View.... said...

sorry to say you all my dear freinds...I recently talked some experince chaps of entrecard over this.they dont agree with me and said that this would not help ,so I finally come to conclusion that I am not going to make any fast dropping list...

sorry for this...!!!:)
I hope you all understand this...