Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Since in India google provides search services under
so if one from India try to open, he or she will be directed to
So one can not open directly.Once you are on then there is an option to visit .com.Similalrally the users from other countries having same facilities as in India also not able to open

I came to know about this when I tried to open and it redirects me to as services of orkut started in India.Then I logged into my alexa account to check something and when I checked the top visited sites,I found on the top and I m not surprised this time as I used to,because I get to know about this why google being most popular but not in the top of the list.

On the second spot its and on overall basis google is on the top.When one checks the other top spots in the top 100,you came to know that other site of google like,, etc occupied the tops spots.

This was in my mind from a very long that being 53%(as some surveys say,may be I am wrong) of search market is shared by google and rest of by other search engines.And then also alexa say that is the most visited site.
Check this out you get to know about this
Now I am happy that I came to know about this dilema.