Thursday, June 12, 2008

Web Directories

Web directories-A directory of useful information to the common person who wants to find helpful resources. A collection of all kind of information.

Web directories don't exactly have the reputation of being helpful resources for finding information. Most have become endless pits of links, and wading through them to find anything useful is next to impossible.Then there are the human-edited ones that tend to be more useful, but are aimed more at the submitter promoting their business than they really are towards the user who is there to find information.

One might say why one should go for web directories when we have google,yahoo,msn and many other search engines.No matter how much emphasis search engines put on relevancy, if you want to find a collection of useful resources on a particular topic, you will be left wading through pages and pages to come up with them. Still most of the people use search engines to find information they are looking for.

Some of the directories are still usefull.dont expect that your link is indexed in the directories, but one can submit it in some of free directories.Old yahoo directory is one of the useful directory,but now its bombarded with submissions, ut that is the beauty of keepingthis one related to a niche.

Try them instead of search engines you will get more relevant informations what you are looking for.