Monday, June 2, 2008

Rajasthan Royals wins IPL final

One of the greatest match of the IPTt20 matches.
between rajasthan royals and chennai superskings.In the start no1 even think of royals to reach the finals but they make it to the finals.Rajstah roayals reach semifinal without loosing a single match in their homeground jaipur.Only lost three matches in the league matches.
As delhi dare devils beat them badly in their first encounter in firozshah kotla in delhi.But rajsthan replied so strongly in semifinal n beat delhi by 103 runs,and proves that they are the superior ones.

Same Chennai leaded by Dhoni also played well in the tournament and manage to reach the semifinal.Mohali lost to chennai and that to badly in the semifinal.

Today out the three matches (i.e both semi's and final) was the best.
Match result was decided on the last delivery.May be it was Royals luck that they win today match also.As they were down to 43/3 at one moment in 6 overs and it seam to be a difficult task.But thanks to Yusuf Pathan and Watson Royals manage to win this match.

So Rajasthan,the underdog in the start emerge out to be the strongest of all the teams.
It was due to Shane Warne's captaincy and palyers contribution.As I also feel that start cant do better than the performers.And the yougsters perform better than stars and proves themselve in the series.

So finally IPL come to an end but it was one of the most exciting event in India and everyone enjoyed this,and why not cricket is religion in India and Sachin is God.!!

As CEO of Emerging India and the owner of Rajasthan Royals never expected in the beginning that the team they are owning going to bring this much pride to them.And they come out to be the winners of this series.


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