Sunday, June 1, 2008

World No Tobacco Day

May 31st,2008------World No Tobacco Day

Hmm..One of the serious concerns of today .The theme for World No Tobacco Day 2008 was "Free Youth:Break the Tobacco Marketing Net."Since the youth of this generation is effected most by smoking.As every brand either marlboro or wills used to right a TAG line on their cigarette packets that "cigarette smoking is injurious to health" and also everyone I belief is aware of this fact but smokers not able to live a single day without smoke.Each day the number of smokers increasing and these are mainly from the youth.

Few years back,only males used to smoke and now the data is vigoursly changing number of females smokers is rising to a great extent.The smokers number hike is also because of aggressive marketing,govenments dhould tackle this,even WHO also requested the countries to implement some enforcement rules.

Even I am a hostelite and being a student notice this,many of my friends used to smoke regularly and they all are aware if this fact that its injurious to health.But still they used to smoke daily.Their is a small village named Dighi where most of the studnets visit to buy thier cigarettes.

Also I feel that the damage to health due to cigarette smoking can be reducesed with proper diet
when you have proper meals this can be minimised to a great extent,but most of the smokers dont take their meals properly and thier health reduces significantally.

I also feel in India the student stay in hostel are used to smoke more than those who used to stay with their parents.

In the start of my hostel life I also used to smoke but then some how I manage to leave that.Now I used to collect these packets as I love them.And keep collecting...


ann roxas said...

i never learned how to smoke but i wonder why in our country in a region called ilocos, people aged so old some even reach 90s or 100s. many people in that region are smoking tobacco,..